about menstrual cups
What is a menstrual cup?
A menstrual cup is a small, flexible cup that is used instead of tampons during your period. They are also known as period cups or tampon cups and are even sometimes referred to by different brand names such as Diva cups, Moon cups, or Saalt cups.

Cups have actually been around since the 1930s, but the first cups produced for the U.S. were manufactured in 1987. Since then cups have grown in popularity for women looking for safe, eco-friendly, and less expensive alternatives to tampons and pads.
How does it work?
The menstrual cup is designed to collect, rather than absorb, your period flow. There are several features that make the cup work the way it does.

The upper rim is smooth and strong, allowing the cup to hold its shape. A rounded cuff reinforces the seal to prevent folds. The bulb shape is designed for comfort and functionality, making sure your period is collected without spilling. And finally, the lower stem is used for easy removal.


Helps with easy removal, and is super slim and flexible, allowing for ultra comfort.


The graceful bulb is not just cute but purposeful. It helps the cup stay where it should be and maximizes the seal.
And ok fine... it is so cute.


The rim is smooth and strong, allowing the cup to hold its shape regardless of how many jump splits you do.


Small rings, a subtle game changer that helps you get a grip on the cup and life.


No toxins. No BPA. No chemicals. Just your knight in silicone armor.


Reinforces the seal to prevent folds and protect you and your favorite pair of underwear from leaks.

It is important to note that although all cups will have these general guidelines, not all cups are created equal. Shapes, sizes, material used, and design will all vary from company to company. You may have to experiment with a variety of different brands to find the cup that is for you.
How do you use it?
The menstrual cup is inserted vaginally by folding the cup and gently inserting it into the vagina, slightly lower than a tampon. Let it open and it will create a seal between the cup and the vaginal wall. To remove the cup, gently pinch the base to remove the seal and ease it from the vagina. The cup can then be emptied and washed with soap and water for re-use. Each manufacturer will have their own suggestions for use, but these basic principles hold.
What is it made of?
Most cups are made of reusable silicone that can be used from 6 to 12 hours and - when cared for properly - can last up to 10 years. Again, the actual material will vary by company so you will want to check with each brand to learn about their processes and materials used before purchasing.
Cups vs. tampons/pads
The menstrual cup is designed to replace tampons and pads.
Why a cup?
The reasons for choosing a cup will vary by user, but in general, cup users do so because…
Menstrual cups save you hundreds of dollars each year
They are more eco-friendly
They can be re-used
They are better for the environment
There’s less odor
They are safe
They can be used for longer periods of time (up to 12 hours)
Ready to try a menstrual cup?
The Saalt Cup is a great option for beginner cup users.
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