Don’t Let Your Period Come Between You and the Great Outdoors

Period or not, the mountains are calling. Live your element this summertime!

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Droty Uganda period march

Celebrating Milestones This Menstrual Hygiene Day

Today, for Menstrual Hygiene Day we celebrate the incredible progress that our impact partners have made!

Amanda Montalvo drinking tea

What Is Your Period Telling You?

Meet Amanda Montalvo, a women’s health dietician who is giving us all the deets to learn from our cycles.

Kennedy Haffner jumping in kitchen

A Love Letter to My Saalt Cup

Meet Kennedy Haffner, a real-life cup user sharing her journey through using her Saalt Cup!

Marcy Crouch bedside smiling

Can Menstrual Cups Cause Prolapse?

We dove into the prolapse topic so we could all learn together.

Hand holding pink cup

Navigating the Learning Curve

You can do this, we’re here for YOU!

Woman power silhouette

Shop Woman-Founded Brands at Anthropologie this International Women's Day

Spreading the love at Anthropologie!