HER International

Education & Life Skills

What they do

HER International empowers marginalized women and girls through education, life skills and microfinance. In Nepal, HER programs ensure girls receive an education, help their mothers and other women in the community have access to skill-building opportunities, and make microfinance groups available to fund their aspirations for self-reliance. In their home base of Kelowna, Canada, HER funds a variety of programs to help underserved populations, including literacy programs for immigrants, and mentoring and life-skill courses for marginalized and at-risk women.

Why we love them

HER was founded in 2005 to save girls as young as 6 years old from lives of bonded labor by working with families to curb the sale of their daughters into slavery, and instead, give them their first opportunity at an education. When they found girls were often kept home to care for siblings while their mothers worked in distant villages, HER helped these women become self-reliant through microcredit programs that created work opportunities closer to home. We love that HER addresses barriers right at the root to ensure permanency for positive change. When mothers can confidently sustain their households without relying on their daughters for additional help and income, more girls in the community get an education. HER advocates that education is the common denominator towards alleviating poverty. For over a decade, they’ve continued to take that commitment to the next level by building schools, additional classrooms, and community centers to house their students and their mothers' social enterprise.

HER + Saalt

Saalt supports HER educational programs by dedicating a portion of revenues to fund scholarships for girls in need and provide Saalt Cups for both students and their mothers working toward self-reliance through social enterprise.

Their Impact


girls rescued from bonded labor


annual educational scholarships awarded


students currently on scholarship


bicycles donated to facilitate school attendance


women have received literacy classes

900 +

women empowered through Savings + Life Skills groups


micro-credit loans awarded to female small business owners


of micro-credit loans paid in full