Saalt x Urban Outfitters and Revolve

Long gone are the days of stuffing a box of tampons into the bottom of your cart and avoiding eye contact with the cashier. (And long gone are tampons!) Saalt cups are now available at Revolve and Urban Outfitters (UO)!

You’re telling me you can buy menstrual cups at the same store you can buy a pair of FILA’s and Kacey Musgraves on vinyl? Or where you buy your premium denim and new season platforms? You better believe it.

This is brand new territory—trend-setting retailers like UO and Revolve are opening up wellness categories and being straight up bosses in the process. UO has carried a menstrual cup before but adding more options goes to show how cups are impacting the fashion market, and how the retailer is setting a cool precedent for other stores to follow.

Urban Outfitters Webpage

Revolve’s perfectly curated beauty and wellness sections are saying hello to a brand new category of products. You can find four Saalt products including the small and regular single cups, the Duo Pack and the Menstrual Cup Wash alongside essential oils, candles and hair vitamins.

Revolve Webpage

Our goal is to continually bust period stigmas. We want everyone with a period to feel comfortable and never let “that time of the month” get in the way. Despite all the progress, periods are generally still kept on the down low. It’s huge for these to start the conversation with period cups—and not make a huge deal about it. Periods are nothing to be weirded out by, and women now have the option to shop for period care at the same time they shop for this season’s newest clothes!

We’re so excited about this! Our belief is that every go-getter, jet-setter, goal-crushing fabulous female can own their period by switching to a cup. These new partnerships help more ladies discover the period cup option for themselves. And hello, how normal are periods? Now our favorite stores are starting to show it.

Saalt cups are for every person, every age, and every style who has a period. An added bonus to joining up with these two retailers is they help make the cup cool for the rising Gen Z and millennial across the globe. (Coachella can't outfit itself.) Revolve and Urban Outfitters are the go-to for all things style and, you guys, they think period care is just as cool as Free People! We say a huge thank you for pushing the period positive movement forward!

With periods coming delightfully once every month, it’s time more women have the chance to try a cup, fall in love with it, and make their lives easier. Here at Saalt, we value those retailers who feel the same way. Happy shopping!

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