5 Tips to Make Your Next Period Blissful

We get it, periods can suck sometimes. It’s the time of the month when all we want to do is grab a heating pad, curl under a blanket, and binge-watch shows on Netflix. You probably aren't in the mood to go run a marathon, but there are some activities and movements that will HELP your period and the not-so-joyful symptoms that come along with it.

1. Exercise

Girl standing in a yoga pose

I know, exercising sounds absolutely terrible on your period with the painful cramps and swollen boobs, but I promise it actually helps you and relieves those period symptoms. According to Stacy Sims, PhD, an exercise physiologist for USA Cycling Women's Track Endurance Program, "The more active you are [overall] and more regular you are with your activity, the better your periods end up being—less cramping, less heavy flow." So when you’re on your period, pause your show, get off the couch and get moving! I love going for 30-minute walks around the neighborhood because it gets things moving and grooving. I will just put my headphones in with some happy music, walk and let my mind wander while breathing in some fresh air. Exercise releases those mood-boosting endorphins, so not only does it help release bloating through your sweat, but it will also make your attitude more positive! We could all use that during our periods, right?

2. Drink up! Water, that is.

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I know you have probably heard this again and again - water is vital! Well, it’s especially vital when you’re on your period. You know those cramps you have been feeling? It could be from dehydration. You probably feel super bloated and puffy, so drinking water feels like it will just add to that. Water does the opposite of it, in fact, it reduces your bloating and cramping because the more water you drink,the better your body flushes out the waste out of your system. Drink around 9-10 glasses of water a day to keep yourself hydrated. Not a big fan of drinking water? Try adding some lemon wedges, or even lime to spice it up. Drinking lemon water not only hydrates you and reduces bloating and cramping, but it is a total game-changer when it comes to your skin. Drinking lemon water helps your skin cells detox and push out sweat and impurities, which clog pores and lead to acne. You get the point, water is essential!

3. Ditch the caffeine

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Put down that coffee cup. We all feel so sluggish and tired when we’re on our periods, and just want some caffeine to make us function again. Caffeine can actually make your cramps worse! No one wants that when they’re trying to tackle the day! Caffeine is in a variety of foods and beverages such as teas, chocolate, and soda. I know that all sounds so good when you’re on your period, but either try to eliminate your caffeine intake completely, or limit it. Remember to drink your water, or try a smoothie that’s loaded with berries full of antioxidants to help you give that energy boost without the yucky bloating and cramps. If you want something warm and soothing, try steamed milk and cinnamon. Cinnamon can help with nausea and cramping as well.

4. Take time for yourself

Girl reading a novel on stairs

Life can get so busy and crazy sometimes. When your period comes, it adds an extra stressor to your daily activities and overall mood. Make sure to carve out some time to watch your favorite show, grab a heating pad and relax. Don’t try and push yourself to the max, it’s only going to come and bite you in the behind later! If you have an oil diffuser, use it! Put in some lavender oil, breathe it in, and relax. When you’re on your period your body is prone to getting fatigued easier. So, take it chill those few days your period is at its worst and you will be back to conquering the world once again!

5. You are what you eat!

Girl eating a sandwich

Are you sitting there with your Cheeto fingers and old candy wrappers next to you and thinking, “boy do my cramps kill right now”? Wash your Cheeto fingers and grab some berries or a piece of avocado toast. Our diet impacts our period symptoms and mood significantly. Those sugary and processed foods that we often crave during that time of month cause us to feel so much worse on our period, like excessive cramping and mood swings. Sometimes people can experience anxiety during their period. Here are some foods that reduce anxiety:

  • Asparagus
  • Avocado
  • Blueberries
  • Milk
  • Almonds
  • Oranges
  • Salmon
  • Spinach
  • Turkey
  • Oatmeal

Here are some foods to avoid on your period:

  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Spicy Foods
  • Red Meat

Let’s not make our periods something we have to deal with, and rather something we celebrate as menstruators. Using these tips and tricks should alleviate those pesky period symptoms and make your period blissful. What are some activities or tricks that you use when you’re not feeling your best during your period? We would love to know, and shout them out on our social media to help other menstruators with their period symptoms! Leave us a comment, or feel free to reach out to us on Instagram @saaltco.

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