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Giving Tuesday - You Choose, We Give

For every purchase through Dec 10th, we'll donate $5 to your Saalt charity partner of choice. Use codes GIVE2OWI, GIVE2BAHAMAS, GIVE2DROTY at checkout.

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Group of people holding hands

Giving Tuesday - You Choose, We Give

You choose where we give back.

Winter women laughing

Spreading the Joy of Saalt Cups During the Holidays

Headed home for the holidays? We KNOW you’ll want to talk about your Saalt Cup, here’s how!

Women’s underwear on a laundry line

You’ve got a period stain, now what?

Period stains. Something we have to deal with at some point, right?

Homemade peanut butter cups

Saalt Period Cravings Cure-All Cookbook: Volume I

Saalty or sweet, let's make a treat and cure that craving!

School kids playing

Beauty Heroes + Saalt: Brands Collaborating to Create Change

We have an exciting announcement we’ve been at the edge of our seats to share (can we get a digital drumroll?!)....

Women wearing sunglasses

Sharks, Bears and Periods Oh My!

There are plenty of period myths out there, and we’re here to set the record straight on three of them. First up, if you find yourself at the beach….